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 WE have Doberman puppies !

Ready to go in December

                             Pictures of parents on our planned litter page




The Doberman is a truly unique breed and not      

for everyone. They are smart energetic & bold.

They also have a number of health issues that

breeding stock must be tested for, such as heart,

vWd, hips, thyroid & eyes. We usually have one or

two litters from fully health tested parents each year. 

Our pups are raised in our home.  We show our dogs

but we also believe that a healthy dog with a

sound mind and body is most important  All the awards

and ribbons do not come before being a loyal companion.

We also combine American, South American & European

bloodlines to reach our goals.   All Garshangan dobermans

are guaranteed for 6 years in writing.

     Here are some pictures of our adults and upcoming


                           The Girls


                      Garshangan's Rumour Has It TT

                                    (Can. Ch. Pointed at her first show )

          (Garshangan's Super Trouper x Ch. Garshangan's Dirty Little Secret)


                      (Rumour is vWd carrier -  no dilution, eyes cerf,

                        Heart Holter normal, Kidney/liver normal )





                                             Garshangan's Chatterbox TT   a.k.a.  Chatter

                (OFA hips good, Cardio /OVC 2017 normal,cerf, liver/kidney panel normal,

                                                          vWd clear, dilution carrier)

              (Ch. Dobereich's One Of A Kind x Ch. Garshangan's Dirty Little Secret)





   Garshangan's Diva V Heartnsoul

(Fabert's Gotta Have A Reason x Heartnsouls Miss Congeniality)   

Diva is vWd clear-no dilution, Holter- normal 2017 , Liver/kidney normal)


Garshangan's Power of Phalon TT

(Fabert's Gotta Have A Reason x

Garshangan's Lil Red Corvette)

owned and loved by Joanne P 


                 The Boys




                Garshangan' Everybody TalkTT  a.k.a.  Oliver

    (Ch. Dobereich's One Of A Kind TT x Ch. Garshangan's Dirtly Little Secret)

           Oliver combines American & European Bloodlines

                    ( vWd clear , # 4 black, U of Guelph Doberman Heart Study 2017-normal

kidney & liver panel normal)

                              CH.  Spanner V Garshangan TT

           Handled by Debi Noonan Nightflight Dobermans reg'd

(Ch. Garshangan's Viva Las Vagas x Ruby Teusday V Garshangan)

                      Spanner's Bloodlines are America

(Spanner is heart ,vWd clear, no dilution # 3 black, ofa hips excellent.

                         liver/kidney panal normal)



                               Fabert's Gotta Have A Reason TT 

(Ch. Fabert's More Man Than Most x  Am/ Can Ch. Heartwoods Hot Zamba RN)

          (Presto is vWd clear, no dilution # 3 black, OFA good,

               cardio OVC 2017,Liver/kidney normal, eyes CERF)

    Presto's Bloodlines Combine American & South American Bloodlines













_ _ _


                                    We do not support the breeding of white "Albino" Dobermans. 

       We speak from experience after rescuing one of these dogs.  They are not correct and have many

        health problems.  Our rescue lived with us for 5 years and suffered from wobblers, a questionable

                                                              temperament, then died of Cardio._